When dentist says 0?

Code 0 — Healthy gums, no bleeding when probing, no stones or gingival pockets less than 3.5 mm. Code 1: Light bleeding when probing, no stones or gingival pockets below 3.5 mm. Code 2: Minor bleeding when probing, presence of calculus or plaque and gingival pockets less than 3.5 mm. If you hear numbers of 0 or 1, you are doing quite well.

There is great information about the British Society of Periodontology to help you keep your gums in good shape. A dentist score between 0 and 4 indicates zero is the best you can get, meaning your gums are in excellent condition, and four indicate gum disease. After evaluating all of your teeth, the dentist will inform you of any treatments you may need or what is happening in your mouth. Your dentist in Sacramento, CA, may prescribe an oral mouthwash or gels to help fight infection caused by bacteria.

If you've recently been to your dentist in Sacramento, CA, and you've experienced several gentle strokes followed by your dentist calling some numbers, then you've heard what's called a periodontal table. When a dentist says they are going to check your gums, this is what they are doing: a screening test for gum disease. Once periodontal mapping is complete, your hygienist will clean your teeth and your dentist will perform a thorough examination.


classify the level of the disease by how much bone has been lost and where the bone has been lost.

The numbers your dentist hears calling for are the depths of the pockets around your teeth in millimeters. Your dentist will recommend many surgical and non-surgical treatment options if your gum measurements exceed 5 mm. After this, if there is anything marked in your history that is a cause for concern, your dentist will discuss it and discuss possible treatments. This chart is useful when the dentist evaluates your overall oral health and gives you an adequate view of your treatment plan.

If you are affected by any of the symptoms listed above, or have questions, it is recommended to see your dentist in Sacramento, CA.

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