What does it mean when dentist calls out numbers?

Along with the numbers mentioned with respect to pockets, there will be a correlated number referring to which tooth is affected. That way, it's easy for the attending dental hygienist to note where the problem pocket is located. The numbers you hear are the depths of the cavities around the teeth in millimeters. Smaller, tighter pockets often mean healthier gums.

If you have a dental emergency and don't see an appointment available when you need one, call (80 701-9799) to talk to a team member. For example, tooth 48 is a wisdom tooth, one that dentists often remove to improve the overall health of the mouth. The next time your dentist or hygienist calls your numbers, pay close attention and listen to how high their numbers are. In extreme situations, a person with this level of buildup will need corrective surgery, although the dentist will generally prefer to try minor treatments first.

In other countries, such as the U.S. In the US, dentists use another system known as the Universal System, or in the UK, where dentists use the Palmer Notation Method. Stony Plain Dental Center, a member of 123Dentist, one of Canada's largest dental office networks, has been serving the Stony Plain community in Alberta, Canada, since 1999. During a dental cleaning, you may have heard a dentist call your dental hygienist numbers while examining your teeth. Your dentist may even warn you that you are at the first signs of periodontal disease or possible bone loss.

With a measuring tool marked in millimeters, the dentist will insert the tool into the space between the tooth and the gums and see how far it goes before it stops. It's pretty black and white, says Hull dentist Nick Allday, the head dentist at Manor Dental Health in Hull. If you listen to your dentist, you'll learn a lot about the current state of your dental hygiene. Healthy gums should not bleed in this process, but if a particular area of the gum bleeds, this may reflect inflammation and be another cause for concern that your dentist can diagnose.

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