What does it mean when a dentist says 3?

A higher or higher number indicates that you have gum problems, such as plaque and tartar buildup. If you hear numbers of 0 or 1, you're doing quite well.


measure this distance in millimeters. As a patient, you'll want to hear a smaller number.

This means that you have a smaller space between the tooth and the gum, a sign of a healthy mouth. A higher number indicates that you have gum problems, such as plaque and tartar buildup. Usually, 1 — 3 mm is healthy, 4 is a warning, and anything above 5 is a call to action to prevent disease. When engraving a 5 or 6 mm bag, deep cleaning may be recommended.

Rarely, when the numbers are higher, gum surgery is performed. The stitches are later removed and healing is evaluated. For example, suppose you have a level three in your second upper left molar. Instead of saying all that, our dentists will say, “Three against fifteen to keep the process moving quickly.

Other dental problems, such as cavities, are also tracked to help ensure that your dental care is accurate. If you listen to your dentist, you'll learn a lot about the current state of your dental hygiene. When you're sitting in the dentist's chair, the last thing you expect is to hear the word quadrant. When the dentist begins the measurements, he will call the depth numbers to his assistant, who will record the information on a table or portable tablet.

If you've ever been to your dentist in Columbia and have suffered several mild punctures to your gums followed by some numbers, you've had what's called a periodontal chart. During a dental cleaning, you may have heard a dentist call your dental hygienist numbers while examining your teeth. However, with a dentist's mouth full of fingers, you may not have had a chance to ask what the numbers mean. Stony Plain Dental Center, a member of 123Dentist, one of Canada's largest dental office networks, has been serving the Stony Plain community in Alberta, Canada, since 1999. The Loyola Center for Oral Health offers certified and certified experts in general dentistry and maxillofacial surgery that provides preventive care, restorative dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, implants and surgical jaw correction.

If you have been in the care of other dentists who have not explained to you before, let us help you clarify the numbers that generally refer to your gum health, although they may refer to a specific tooth. If so, think back to when the dentist was pricking your gums with a small metal instrument while calling your dental assistant seemingly random numbers. It's pretty black and white, says Hull dentist Nick Allday, the head dentist at Manor Dental Health in Hull. Newswise When you hear your dentist or dental hygienist recite numbers while examining the inside of your mouth, you may think that your teeth are being counted.

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